Create New Connections In Your Brain Using Your Hands

Bimanual Coordination

Bimanual Coordination requires the brain to simultaneously control separate movements in each hand, as when the left hand plays the lower keys of a piano while the right hand plays the upper keys.  Bimanual Coordination can be learned through exercises that effectively build separate channels in the brain for each hand.

What is the BRAIN Product?

Our BRAIN product is a Patent Pending System and Method to teach Bimanual Coordination by building new connections in your brain by using your hands. 

What's in the box.jpg

The BRAIN box contains: 

  • Four plates (two are shown in the video above) with 8 different patterned grooves to independently guide each hand.
  • Four 2 sided Next Level Training Printed Tablets
  • Two Groove Tracking Styluses
  • Progress & Complexity Tracker
  • Starter Guide

No computer is required.

No batteries are required.


How does BRAIN work?


I recently celebrated my 100th Birthday - and now I'm celebrating this wonderful sense of "well being" after several weeks using the "Brain Trainer."

As the days of practice go by, little surprises begin to happen to memory about things you have not thought about for years - such as, waking up one morning thinking in "Gregg Shorthand." That opened a door back to my days as a secretary.

After a month on the Brain Trainer, I have a Day Planner Scheme for myself that has led to setting goals - and goals becoming reality.

Sooo - ordinary, everyday life has once again become an adventure!  The program is both a challenge and fun - and does take some concentration; but that is a good thing!!

Teddy M. Clawson